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Not a Mama Bear

I am not a mama bear, I don’t care.

I don’t think children walk on air.

Instead they dare, their tempers flare,

They run amok and pull hair.

I am not a mama bear, I can’t be.

Kids are kids, you see.

They claw and they flee,

This is how they will be.

I am not a mama bear, don’t tell me I must.

For your child is as naughty as mine, I saw him acting thus.

He schemed and he tricked, yet you raised a fuss,

But for me and mine, I simply say shush.

I am not a mama bear, I will not fight.

Kids they poke and they bite.

So come not to me in anger and in spite,

Instead, take flight. I will be bright.

I am not a mama bear, OK?

Kids they prod and they play.

Maybe you fear the fray,

But for me, I say let them be kids today.

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